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I recently published a book in the philosophy of physics entitled Relativity without Spacetime (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018).  I will be using my blog on this site to discuss the book.  I welcome your comments, questions, disagreements, and the like.  Also, see the button below for corrections to the text.


About the Author

I teach philosophy at Providence College in Rhode Island.  I am also a professional trumpet player and would-be farmer.  I live in Worcester, MA on 10 acres of woods, with my two children (Natalia, age 13, also a philosopher and trumpet player, and Daniel, age 5), our chickens, and our dog Thales who guards the chickens from the predators in the woods.  Someday I hope to clear some acreage and grow wild blueberries for the farmers market.

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Relativity without Spacetime


A reinterpretation of Einstein's special and general relativity without recourse to the concept of "Minkowksi spacetime" (geometrical merging of space and time).  While my interpretation goes against the grain, so to speak, I offer a more physically coherent account of relativity and the reality of time.


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